Between Good and Evil

The battle between good and evil continued for centuries, the pious one have spent all their lives pondering over the evil,  their strategies, tactics and mode of operation. However in a time like this today,  it is not important to focus merely on combating the war. The true victory can only be achieved by setting our own agenda of positive activities to be spread on a mass level, on a level that may eliminate all evil forces. We should spread so much positivity that the negative is left helpless. Focus on spreading as it is not the time to ponder or discuss but a time to focus. Action is the demand of time. It is mandatory for each of us to act in our own little capacity for the spread of the true religion. This only will guarentee us inner peace, as inner peace is only attained by serving thy lord. The Lord who created us, gave us the ability to choose between the right and wrong. In the dynamic era of today it is not only important  to spread the fundamentals of a religion but also to spread the essence of the real religion that is the essence of love and togetherness. Who ever among us is not on this agenda of spreading the “true essence of religion” is of no use to the creator or creations. He may never attain inner peace as inner peace can only be attained by satisfying the true beloved. And my dear friends, the beloved can only be satisfied by the love we show for his creations. Their is no comparison to social, humanitarian services and good deeds accomplish without any cause but the love of god.