Signs of a pure heart!

  • One considers himself as belonging to the next world and not this world.  He is a stranger in this world anxious to reach his abode in the Hereafter
  • One continues to be upset with himself anytime he commits a sin until he finally and completely repents to Allah
  • One is more upset and unhappy if he misses his daily recitation of the Qur’an and dhikr, than if he had lost his wealth
  • One finds greater pleasure worshiping Allah than any pleasure in eating and drinking
  • One’s worries and concerns about this world leave him whenever he begins his formal prayers
  • One’s only concern and worries are about Allah and doing deeds only for His sake
  • One is more concerned and stingy about wasting time than a greedy person is with respect to his wealth
  • One is more concerned about the correctness of his deeds than with the performance of the deeds themselves

Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751H/1350CE]


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