Positive thinking an ideology 2

Positive thinking allows you to believe in yourself.

Humble yourself you will grow greater that the world . Yourself will be revealed to you. without you. Rumi

It will allow you to believe you can accomplish something if you put your mind to it.

How it transforms and ascends.

Energy is everywhere, there are lay lines present of earth. All the energy surround us and we absorb it
  These places absorbs most of earth’s energy. Remember energy can be positive or negative.  it depends upon the type acts are prevalent.



—When the Sacred Geometry Symbol of the Flower of Life is superimposed over the map of our planet,
many of the intersecting lines show up at these areas of high energy concentration,
vortex points where the earth energies and the cosmic energies meet, i.e. input and output flows.
Many of the world’s sacred sites are located at these power points.

Wonder why? So that Positive Energy can be channelled

(Islamic History -Geometric Shape Mosques & Monuments)CHANELLING  POSTIVE ENERG. On the other hand  Egyptian Civilization (Pharaohs)Babylon-Maya Civilization (South America)Not so positive(Performs rituals and mantras).

Furthermore, various studies have shown that meditation and prayers combined with a positive attitude have immense effect in terms of increasing the healing and recovery rate of sick people.

The main objective of positive thinking is for inner healing. People need to rid themselves of worries, trauma and pain caused by everyday troubles and tribulations.Heavy emotional burdens tend to deter recovery. The only way to overcome this is through acceptance and forgiveness.By accepting the fact that we are not perfect and making mistakes is just part of our being human can lessen the guilt that we are feeling. Forgiveness can also lighten emotional baggage. –All these leads to peace of mind, which is essential for a happy and healthy life. Meditation a Perfect Exercise for Developing Positive Thinking



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