Remember the message!

The world today is global , small , and easy to access . Human race has progressed enormously  today the developments of human brain enable one to access  a beloved at a continents distance , communicate and relate to far away ones but ! made it difficult for one to be aware of the happenings in his house under his nose , rather these developments  have made it impossible for us to understand what we are loosing continuously because of life in this wonderland of development .

Today   frustration , lack of satisfaction are common  . anxiety loneliness and depression are at its peek and what leads to all this is our pattern of life that is not  aligned with our belief .  we have neglect the message and negate the laws of Nature there fore we suffer .

If we revive the message of Lord we thank him for all his blessings thus we get no time & reason to complain . We see the responsibilities on our shoulders and thus gain the confidence that we are use ful for others and our selves , if we align to the paradigm of thankful ness we also see all those who are deprived . The need today is changing the focus from luxuries to priorities . Its not important for one to prove him self out side his house but it’s a must for one to prove him self in front of his family and his lord. So a change of focus would change our parameters of Success happiness and pleasure making our lives simpler , beautiful and less complicated .

Remember  the message , observe the nature , shift your focus from moaning on lacking to celebration of thankfulness .


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