Beloved who?

Who and where is our beloved? And How will we achieve nearness to the Beloved? We say that we know and we have identified who and what to do.

So hold the center of Love the reality of Beloved. Because in the unconfirmed state one cannot reach this level or cannot even imagine. Once we put aside our intellect and let the light of religion enter we will see and realize that we love our existence the most and their is no doubt about it, No God no beloved of God just us and this is the self centered, self seeker and egoistical nature of ours which we have to get rid of and in such state if we validate that yes we love God how will it be trustworthy?

One cannot understand this illusion that we have created among our selves and are happy in it where the results are not even helpful and leading us to the far off the religion.

Why can’t we accept and acknowledge our Beloved who is even the Beloved of the Master Creator the All knowing All Wise.  How much more time will we waste and neglect the will of the Master Creator and his wish, Leaving the Beloved of the Master Creator and Calling the Master Creator “Beloved”!  If you could remember Satan has also does the same in the case of Prophet Adam(AS) when he was asked to bow and prostrate he refused.  When the same Master Creator the All Knower and All Wise is redirecting you towards  his own Beloved (PBUH) and ordered , Who ever respects him respected me, whoever loved him (PBUH) has loved me, Who ever listened to him (PBUH) has indeed listened to me. One cannot be a Momin unless he loved Beloved (PBUH) more then himself, his parents and family.  Even after the commands of Allah you are still reluctant to change your direction where He wanted you to be, and you call it “Shirk” (meaning sign of polytheism).

“He who obeys the Messenger( Muhammad PBUH)

has indeed obeyed Allah..” Quran Al Kareem 4:80

His Beloved PBUH is the one where the prophets and messengers wished to be included in his community( Ummat), On Him PBUH the Master Creator and all the angels send salutations   “Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect” (Qur’an al Kareem 33:56)

Redirect here and to reach here is not through knowledge, prose or being a mujahid no the road that leads to the Beloved PBUH is just love, be obedient and humbleness. Look into self you will find the love within yourself and this is the reality. The key to the evolution of Inner self is love, Outward and physical love ends with your age. The love from inner self is eternal as Mevlana Rumi makes a point here

You think you are alive
because you breathe air?
Shame on you,
that you are alive in such a limited way.
Don’t be without Love,
so you won’t feel dead.
Die in Love
and stay alive forever.

If you re direct here just imaging all your works and life will be for the Beloved PBUH and this in turn will be for Lover of the Beloved which is the Almighty. Think and decide.




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