Current State of Ours!

If we look around us, Notice the events and how such events are turning and shaping the lives of human beings making them more and more miserable , Recent economic and social situations making the poor more poorer and rich more richer , there is no balance no equilibrium. Unsatisfaction prevails in all social circles.  Dishonest, treachery negativity all around us, and the worst part is does not even wish to do anything in state of denial loosing religions even getting angry and complainant with the Almighty.

First thing here is to understand the fact and realize that we were somehow wrong or went wrong in the past at least somewhere for which we are paying the price, even if we hesitate or being reluctant to change then it is totally our fault and no one else to blame except for us and our selves. We have to admit our faults in the past and not being conceited because enough damage has been done. There is one thing that needs to be cleared first the word change has been so common in today’s times. Every political, social or religious leader calling for change change and change! But what change?

The system or the People?  We have tested many systems but they are the old wines in new bottles as Allama Iqbal says:

“These events in human history highlight the Qur’anic message that man-made systems are defective and that the human race is standing at the edge of an abyss. Falling into which can be avoided only by Divine guidance.

In Payam-i-Mushriq.

Iqbal says that you seek the treasures of our alien philosophy from the common, poor of mind and low grade people, as the crawling ants on the ground, cannot attain the heights of wisdom of Hazrat Sulayman (The Prophet of God). You should avoid democracy and become within the bond of perfect man (the Holy Prophet), as two hundred donkeys cannot have combined the brain of a man.

Iqbal reports the “Satan” as saying: “There is no need of my presence in the world as there are enough devils in the shape of politicians in western democracy”.

Intelligent enough to get my point here, Its the people who has to do something and should realize the fact that these are not mere discussions One cannot force someone to obey and agree to the point, Even it is mentioned in the Holy Quran:

Verily, God does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves (13:11)

‎”Yesterday i was clever, so i wanted to change the world. Today i am wise, so I am changing Myself”. Mevlana Rumi

This was neither the Ways of the Glorious Prophets, “Jabar” (Meaning: To adapt one perspective either with the use of force and pressure) was no where seen in any of the books or in any of the life and works of Prophets (May Allah’s Blessings be upon them).So you have to take the first step yourself with the Hidayat of Almighty Inshallah and start process of evolution of your inner selves(Batin).

So admitting that collectively some dark forces of evil has over taken us, “Self” one of the greatest, Individuality has spoiled us and changed our priorities. We are in a state of competition against each other to be superior to each other in matters such as wealth, status and living standards. All the high values of love, respect, compassion, selfless, devotion, humanity, sacrifices etc are wiped out from the society.

We should and still have an inner urge to aligned our mind, body and soul because they are an allies of a perfect pious believer and make them available unto the service of the Muhammad Community whose ingredients are already mixed up in the Laws of Nature , So you cannot go against the Laws of Nature. Mix up with the Community and the Nature.

Let everyone of us, therefore, seek urgent action against this immediate crisis……. Together Inshallah …


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