Positive thinking

Islam is surrender and complete submission to the will of Allah,

“A state of being such that when you pray you so adore God as though you see Him or at least realize inwardly that if you do not see Him, He sees you.”


Postivity is not an attitude . It is a frame of mind in which one engages him self to keep one self on the right track A bulb of 1000 volts that is under control of an individual . Life is as u perceive it ! a glass may be half empty or half filled as per the view of an individual then why should be adopt the positive approach ?

Considering our lives we observe that the universe whom we are a part of is filled with a uniformity in it self . Each and every object moving with a regular pattern all for the betterment of Life . Considering our own body systems all set in a regualar pattern well coordinated and prepared to carry out our normal body functions if any single nerve fails to conduct its function the result is pain ! and in that pain one has the option to be thankfull to the lord for all those years he had spent with out pain or complain about the pain one suffered for a single day ! He who has the positive approach will bend his head against his lord and his lord would not just remove his agony but also bless him more as allah says

in Surah Baqarah 2, verse: 152

“So remember Me, I shall remember you. And always be thankful to Me and never be ungrateful to Me”

What is the positive approach ? positive approach is not trust in your self but trust in your guide and our ultimate guide is Mohammad PBUH .as we trust him and plan to lead our lives according to the teachings of the prophet we observe that he had lead all his life in a state of Thankfulness to allah. Try to develop the traits & virtues of Muhammad PBUH

Hazrat Aisha (Radi’Allah’Ta’ala’anha) narrates that the beloved Prophet Sallallahu’alaiyhi’wasallam used to offer prayer at night (for such a long time) that his feet used to crack. I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Why do you do it since Allah has forgiven you your faults of the past and those to follow?” He Sallallahu’alaiyhi’wasallam said, “Shouldn’t I love to be a thankful slave (of Allah)?’ When he became old, he prayed while sitting, but if he wanted to perform a bowing, he would get up, recite (some other verses) and then perform the bowing.

Bukhari :: Book 6 :: Volume 60 :: Hadith 361

In all the hardships and well beings he had bowed to Allah and was thank full to the almighty and knew all that happened was for the betterment of Ummat . This is the positive approach The ultimate fate in your guide as the prophet believed in Allah and we believe in the prophet and allah we should always be thankful to Allah and trust him for all the happenings of our lives .and thank him for every breath we take not just by bowing infront of him but by obeying him by our actions and our deeds .



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