Getting rid of the “Self”

In order to be be part of this journey, One must come out of the self and think in plural form for group, community all together “Ummat-e-Muhammad” which is our ultimate inspiration and take the route accept without asking and give up holding own opinion this is the total submission towards the will of the Allah.

After performing the Salat, worship, dhikr, and Repentance if he is unable to come out of the self then it will not be considered as a true act and remember Allah does not need your prayers and worships.

As this is the main purpose to get rid of selfishness and enter into the dimension of selflessness (Where one starts thinking about the others not for himself), The good deeds go in vain if they are for your self only this is a deceit within yourself. How can you develop the feeling of anxiety , worry, concern for the Ummat just like our Ultimate Inspiration Rasool Allah (May peace and blessings be upon him and on his family) wept for this Ummah, the same Ummah thinking about themselves (Individuality).

Islam preaches “Akhuwat”-Human Respect- Benevolence to humanity and creation. Thus it does not preach seclusion or escapism. Rather it expects all to meet the challenges of Life together and from creation to eternity.

And keep that in mind , The rigorous doctrines of Shariah are not to be insisted upon. It should be well understood that “Arkan-e-Din” are means to an end and not an end in themselves. What is more essential is the awakening of an individuals ‘s inner self. Once the inner self is refined, once the Rooh ( The Spirit) starts on the route of it evolution, outer self of the individual would itself be reformed. It is then only that all that is enjoined upon an individual by Shariat have some meaning. This is the way of “Tariqat and Haqiqat”.


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