What should we do – 2

We have to understand and rectify ourselves and in order to do that we have to understand Islam’s real essence not just understand it also focus on to implement it in every aspect of our lives. We have make it our companion or partner to guide us in every matter. We have to follow every aspect of Islam for the correction, improvement , betterment and all together for the prosperity of evolution of human nature.

If we are unable to do that than it will be our mistake and for that we are praying the price and it is not the mistake in the rules of Islam. This beautiful “Deen” (Religion) is not in the book , not in constitution, not in rules , the “Deen” is in the process(Act of implementation) for the sake of community(Ummat, Jamiat). The rules of Islam are for the service and betterment of humanity because a human being is itself a Master piece of the Creator. So what could be most admired creation when being created for the sake of the betterment of other creations. If the same love and affection is adopted then everyone on this planet would turn and focus on  “Tawhid” doctrine of Oneness [of God]”the concept of monotheism in Islam. Which holds the God one and Unique. and through this our ways will widened. Every thought, act and invention will have the same doctrine behind it then there will be no complains about luck and fate. Being agreed and happy for what God choses and completely submitting to the will of the Creator and let it happen what ever happens.

Keeping a sharp eye on those acts which are for self and those acts which are the will of the Creator. It is understood when a human starts being careful remains conscious and worry about it then he will develop the ability to deal with the matters such as selfishness, greed, ego and other satanic attributes which makes an human focus on individuality and also develop the qualities such as love, affection, truthful , generous nobility, justice, sincerity and forgiveness which are in accordance with the will of the Creator.

So through the expression of Amr-e-Rabbi(Lord’s Edict) The soul, the indivisible entity, or the inner self of a person has been termed as Amrerabbi ) and the implementation of deeds/acts human being will find its purpose of existence. Through the levels of Heart, Mind and Soul that human being will prosper and reach the peak.


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