What should we do -1

Human beings are superior to other creations , they are the heart of the creations also considered to be the Creator’s most favorite creation, After creating the supernatural the Creator himself have said i will make my representatives on earth and giving them the title of Khalifa-tul-Allah.  Which indicates that their are some attributes inside us which are yet to be discovered,  not just physical attributes, beauty or body parts but something else. He ordered and directed all the human beings for one common purpose which became the Law of Universe, but later they parted ways and as a result the the Law of Universe gets disturbed. Creator does not need your worships , The supernaturals are their who worships every single second continuously so our purpose is something else.

The Nature of a human being consist of Interest, freedom, expertise of improvement or creating social disorder. Human being will be tested on how they will be able to control the social disorder. And what constructive steps he takes to maintain that law of universe.

In their souls their is a natural urge to identify the self.Now this urge, curiosity  should evolve and take flight. This is an urge for the faith. If this curiosity is restricted to the level of mind or heart  then the way towards the prosperity of evolution disconnected. Who ever masters the art of natural eagerness and curiosity and give direction of his overall qualities towards the real mission, then the passage towards levels of mind , heart and soul open and will continue to prosper in the evolution of inner existence as the efforts are in the same manner defined in the Law of Universe. And the book will open to you from insight. Don’t restrict it for mind only “Be the Quran” , because the beauty of the nature of the book is in implementation what it says. If the acts are in accordance with the book then you are on the right track.



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