The Master’s Master piece!

The master creator who created this universe made a master piece ! A combination of soul enclosed in body of clay and blessed the object with a heart .

Giving it the unique abilities to nurture it self from all that around him and all that is unseen simultaneously ! With this enormous strength and fore vision he sent his Naib in to the world and gave him the orders to Obey him , and love him by loving all his creations and to justify his existence .
The master piece came to the battle field as a warrior all equipped along with a strategic plan to follow but in the battle field he forgot his mission statement ……. The purpose of his creation ….. His duty of submission to his lords will ,love and nurture all that was around him . His lord gave him continuous reminders in the form of his books , his chosen people the prophets and The mother nature who kept on serving others , but the warrior kept on going astray got entangled in chains of his self created problems , he utilized his abilities for him self and yes he did Progress ! but was unable to get Satisfaction ,The pleasure his soul demanded. The pleasure of the Almighty, The real plan.
As Allah has created us in the form of a combination so my friends till the time we satisfy the needs of all the components of the system we may never balance the system . till we use the machine appropriately we may never get its benefits . thus what we need to day is balance the needs of our souls and bodys using the blessing Allah has given us . The heart ……… love the beloved , spread love and be loved ….. understand that the purpose of your life is not personal progress but you are answerable for the progress of all that is around u .. the more power ful u are the more answerable you become . Understand the rules of the game , stick to the mission statement and you will win the battle !


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