Inward and outward existence who to blame?

Islam is a religion that teaches to balance between the zahir and the batin, A balance between outward and inward existence. Mind, body and soul should not be isolated but are allies of a perfect believer.

The crisis of muslims is a result of modernization and materialism which is a crisis of zahir and batin. Muslims revivals today or in the past few decades focused entirely on the outward existence, artifice, pretending and beautifying the outer selves and giving less or minute importance to”batin” the inner selves. Which resulted in identity lost and continued failures and crisis as a result Muslims around the world have reached to the most degraded level in the world despite being the 2nd largest population and having 1/3 of the wealth of the world. Allah proclaims in the Quran that the success in religion depends on spiritual condition. Without inner harmony, wisdom and spiritual depth we witnessed no results among the Islamic movements.

This modern world , where the missionaries imposing their own agendas on the minds of muslims through what ever mean they can forcing the Muslims to adopt their way of life, state of mind and corrupt their mind and thinking,

I have unfolded the wisdom of the people of faith,
now learn the wisdom of the people of malice.
The wisdom of the people of malice is deceit and artifice;
what are deceit and artifice?
—they destroy the soul and build the body.
extracted from "The Wisdom of the Pharaohs" 
by Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal

For the Muslims to revive in true sense , Align your priorities , this mediocre life is not the purpose of our existence. We hear the word change all around us these days that we need change we need change , This What Allah Almighty says

Verily God does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves (Quran 13:11)

So rethink of your priorities and think about the abilities you have give them a constructive direction so that your evolution for inner self begins , Open up the Quran for the guidance , We have restricted the quran for mere reciting and for its meaning , the real beauty is the implementation of what quran says.

Verily this Quran is the word that separates ( the truth from falsehood and commands strict laws for mankind to cut the roots of evil). And it is not a thing for amusement. Verily, they are but plotting a plot against you O Muhammad Pbuh). And i am too planning a plan, So give a respite to the disbelievers; deal gently with them for a while.  (Surah At Tariq- Verses 13-17)

Allah says, “Ta Ha. We did not send down the Qur’an to you to make you miserable,” (20:1).


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