The Glorious ways of the Prophets.

The prophets of Allah lived among their people as a source of blessing. Their love and tender approach of educating and guiding people to right path was inimitable. Take an example of Hazrat Ibrahim (as)’s interactions with Azhar his responses were always soft and peaceful and even praying for him and asking for Allah’s forgiveness for him. Similarly Hazrat Musa (as) was revealed be be gentle and soft with Pharaoh so that he might listen. Hazrat Isa(as) ‘s continuous love and affection while teaching and spreading the message of  truth.

And Our beloved leader of both the worlds , Fakhr al-Kainat, Fahr al-‘Alam, Mafharal-‘Alam, Abu al-Mu’minin, Khayr al-Mursalin,  Kan al-Shafaat, Mahbub al-Haq, Muin al-Bashar, Rasul al-Saqalayn, Sayyid al-Sadat, Sayyid al-Mursalin, Sultan al-Anbiya Muhammad(peace and blessing be upon him and his family) is the blessing on All mankind of past , present and future.

So the teachings of Prophets were based on making peace while preaching the message of Allah. Informing and guiding the believers and non believers putting their examples first as  a source of inspiration , not making their orders to be accepted by everyone with the use of force. All prophets focused on improvement and corrections of their people.They all followed more or less similar ways of preaching the message of total submission to the will of Allah in a loving and a peaceful manner always working out for the betterment of the mankind as whole , By becoming their spiritual healer and guidance and enlightening their hearts, mind and souls of the people with the light of Allah.

May Allah ! En-light the hearts, mind and souls of the Muhammad community  and bring us back on the right path, which is the balance between the outward and inward existence.


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