The sunnah of Khalil Allah is not easy as it looks !

On the ocassion of Eid ul Azha every year we sacrifice countless quantities of specific animals in order to full fill the sunnah of Khalil Allah Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) , It this enough ? By doing just that do you think that we have fulfilled the Sunnah of Khalil Allah and discharged our responsibilities for one year! Think again?

Even if that is the case of slaughtering an animal (specified) then why we make show of it ? Show of it relates to a growing trend of commercialism during the Eid ul Azha period, We running after not all but some of us running after buying the best animal in market and decorating it and showing it around the block and calling it purchased for a qurbani showing a sign of people going towards materialism and sadly entering in the dimension of hypocritical display of religiosity(Zahir-The outward existence) demolishing the real essence of sunnah. That definitely erases the love and beauty element of the Sunnah unfortunately. Islam is quite and peaceful teaches love & modesty.

The inner aspect of this sunnah is the “sacrifice of self” from your own hands that afterwards there is no me it’s just you (Allah).  This is one the most important and yet difficult test of our lives to come out of our “owness”(Self Centred behaviour) and sacrificing the most important and beloved thing from your life in the path of Allah. Which Hazrat Ibrahim slaughtering his own son Hazrat Ismail (AS) with the knife of “La illa ha“( Sacrificing the most beloved/valued/dear son ) and showing the message that Allah is one and total submission on the will of Allah and a sudden appear of a goat at the spot and Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) slaughtered the goat instead his son was the sign of the evolution of inner self and spiritual level of nation)

Allah Subhana Watallah loved this act of his prophet and cherished it and made it compulsory for the Muslims to come.

If that’s not love then what is it ?


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