A call towards Allah’s Beloved!

In the dusty streets of Makkah walked Allah’s most beloved, who believed that cleanliness is half the Iman! As he would pass each day an old women among the kufaar would throw the trash on him!

Was he (PBUH) Old? No

Was he weak (PBUH)? no

Then what made him smile and pass with the trash on his clothes each day?

Nothing but his Vision! He have seen the world with the eyes of his beloved, His master his lord His Allah. Who feeds and forgives everyone who believes in him and all those who disagree with his existence! Who loves all his creations and considers each of them his favourite.

And when one day the trash was not thrown on the clean clothes of Allah’s beloved He (PBUH) inquired why? He came to know that the woman is ill! Straight away He (PBUH) went towards her house to enquire about her health!

The woman was shocked and later……. became a Muslim

May peace be upon him and his family.

The Rehmat-ul- lil-Alameen had set an example for the world! An example that stated patience never meant in ability, strength was not revenge and power meant character. The character changed the lives of millions  who turned their centres, their KIBLAS as per the KIBLA of Allah’s beloved PBUH our beloved our Ultimate Inspiration

May peace upon him and your family.

Rasool Allah PBUH ! Lead by setting practical examples and these examples are for every single human being in the world as a result the ummat (Muhammad Community) became stronger day after day, Remained intact with the teachings of Quran hadith and sunnah. The world was enslaved by them they grew in power, economy, science , inventions , medicines, astrology and in every walk of life. The rule spread far and wide …… and then as Muslims separated “The message diluted, the consistency of action could not remain the same .The Qibla is the same as that of the Beloved, but Beloved was no more The beloved. As This Hub e Rasool vanished the soul behind the ibadat vanished and what we were left was our very own salat! Not the salat for Allah ….. Our Fasts not the fasts for Allah . We forgot the Golden rule the basic principle. “Love”

And focused on the rule of Boast, the divide and rule approach which led us to dual nature running after the material and worldly desires in our lives. No modesty left.This mess can only be cleared today if we adopt the same life of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH fell in love and make him Our Beloved love the creations as our beloved wept for the betterment of the ummat…

In Javid Namah, and Armaghan-i Hijaz (p. 54) Iqbal presents the miserable plight of mankind:

In his heart there is no burning fire, Mustafa is not living in his heart.

I wept bitterly one night before God and asked Him: Why is the Muslim so miserable?

Came the reply Don’t you know, this Community possesses the heart but has no beloved.


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