The beginning of a downfall (Part-1)

 It has been narrated that Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him and His Family) has always disclosed and informed about events until the 13th(AH) century and remained quiet about the 14th century. This is the 14th  century (AH)we are breathing and never have thought about it why? Yes we know that this might be the last days and the end of times is approaching. But the question is are we prepared for it? Yes we are begging Allah (The Most Merciful) for his Mercy and Forgiveness for ourselves!

Earlier,  All the Caliphs, Scholars, Mystics & Rashid’s were on the right track preaching also the message of “Inner self development”(Self , psyche, ego or soul)the lowest dimension of the man’s inward existence, his animal and satanic nature and total submission to Allah which was the correct message.

But unfortunately or at Allah‘s will after that nobody talked about the real essence of Islam not even initiated by Scholars or Sufis, instead of it Started running after “Dawah” (Preaching for Islam. Just imagine when there is no connection of your soul with its creator then what the use of reciting Bismillah or Alhamdulillah ?

Scholars say that the prosperity of Ummah is in following the Shari‘at (body of doctrines) and this is the truth! But for Shari’at (body of doctrines) it is necessary to know the “Maqam” (Station or Level where one is standing) because Doctrines is for the body(outward existence)  and Tariqat (Brotherhood, Method) is for ther rooh, Qalb (Heart)”.That is why it has been revealed that “Shari’at without Ikhlas(Tawheed, Unity) is Riya(synophancatic & Hypocritical show of religiosity).

It is all the matter of Batin (Inner meaning, reality behind all existence), this is something enormous and an ongoing process  but it cannot be obtained without love. Only obedience of exoteric and apparent pillars is not Shari’at.  To be continued in part 2 Inshallah…. 

“The first step for the 15th century is the passage of Batin through which the inner self, the soul is reformed. If there is the Rooh the Soul the Spirit then only the light spreads . After this is the second step – the Tabligh. This is restricted to beautifying the outer self. The supra structure having already been erected through Rab-e-Batin. This Tabligh is confined to the point of conveying the message – the Hidayat is left to Allah. Use of force to convince others to one’s point is neither permitted by the Holy Book nor it helps in any way except tearing us apart”.  ( Paragraph has been extracted from a Letter ISLAM IN THE 15TH CENTURY A.H AND AFTER by Prof: Ubaidullah Durrani in 30.4.77)


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