The secret of “Ishq”


The basis of creation of universe, a divine feeling inherited to the soul by its creator. It is but the ishq that enables one to identify the Almighty , the seeds of ishq are ploughed in clay that we are made with and spread in the atmosphere that surrounds us .The true ishq can only be experienced in the bond between the creator and its creations but what is Ishq?

Ishq is energy ! call it gravity , call it electromagnetism or any other attractive force every thing can fit under the cover of ISHQ ? Who is an Ashiq(lover) ? Whose life revolves around the Mashooq (beloved) and for that the mashooq should have an attractive force in him .Now my friends for a second ponder over the fact what will be the attraction of the Noor that en lights the skies and the worlds ? Thus all love, all attractions are but a resultant of that major attractive force . So one should decide to surrender and revolve in the attraction of Allah only .But then who is the mehboob of Allah ? The Noor e Mohammadi created by Allah praised and ordered to be praised (Darood) by Allah , the seeds of whose love are planted in the hearts of all muslims . this feeling is not ibadaat ! It is a blessing as we discover the blessing we are getting aligned to our ibadaat (shari’at ) and thus the progress and enrichment of our souls take place and we are able to reveal the secrets of batin ( the inner self ) that improve our zahir (outer existence).


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