Sayings of Abdul Qadir Jillani “Ghaus-e-Azam”RA part-2


Worldly people run behind the Duniya(world)while the Duniya(world)runs behind those who seek ALLAH.

O my people! Respect the book of ALLAH and take it as a guide to your behavior. It is the link between you and ALLAH.

If you ever have the good fortune to come across a truly honest person,you must stick close to him always, wherever he may lead you.

Whenever someone is content to accept the divine decree, that person can enjoy rest and relaxation. Whenever someone is not content with it,his experience of misery and trouble can only be prolonged, and he willstill obtain nothing from his world except that which has been allotted to him.

Obedient service to ALLAH is performed by the heart(qalb),not the outer mould(qalab)

In the simplest terms, thankfulness(shukr)means that you do not  by misusing HIS gracious favours.

“May Allah gives us knowledge and keeps us on the right path”



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