La ilaha il allah o mohammad ur rasool allah

La ilaha il allah o mohammad ur rasool allah

what is the charisma in this line that changes the inner self , enlightens the hearts and connects the soul to almighty.There is no God but allah  the few words are enough to change identity of an individual breaking all the idols of self and materialism one by one because as we declare la ilaha il allah we surrender our selves in front of almighty s will acknowledging the fact Allah ho akbar ! We accept that all happiness, sorrows, favors and hurdles arise from Allah s will only and he alone can remove them. No being can benefit or behold any blessing from our lives this is the part of kalima that loosens our circle of worries .

Mohammad ur rasool allah !( Mohammad PBUH is the prophet of Allah) the second part of our kalima  has the secret of building up our connection with the divine Allah !( Mohammad PBUH is the prophet of allah)these few words reveal to  us the path by which we may get inner peace and success in the world and here after i.e the recitation of darood sharif as it is the task that Allah and his angels practice ,and follow of sunnah is the practical example set for us for ever. Both the parts are linked to each other as our body is linked to our soul by an ever lasting bond so my dear brothers and sisters Let us not only recite the kalima from today onwards let us live the Kalima and take this day as a new entrance in Islam .From tomorrow onwards let us begin our day with the recitation of this kalima and end our day with an effort for application of this kalima .



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