Ultimate Inspiration

Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be upon Him & on His Family) as our role. We feel proud to be  a part of Ummat-e-Muhammad, It is indeed one of the greatest blessing of Allah (Subhana Wataalah) bestowed on us. We can find countless expression of love and association with Him in terms of poetry, literature, works of mystics and Sufis.

In the Muslim’s heart there is the Home for Muhammad All our glory is from the name of Muhammad (Iqbal)

Leader of both the world (May Peace be upon Him & on His Family) has never given any lectures to his followers. People loved and were impressed by the personality, Character and qualities of Rasool allah (SAWW) even before getting the prophet-hood.They were always ready to obey and accept what Rasool Allah said and also to sacrifice on his one order without any promise for a reward or expecting a place in paradise This was due to the Love and association with Him.

All followers used to pray using “We, Us” not “I , Myself”, In other words the real beauty of Islam is in Jami at(assembly) even if you look in  Quran ul Kareem majority of duas are in the form of plural. It is a sin for Muslims and Momins to pray only for themselves by using the word “I or Myself”.The same jamiat for which our beloved Prophet shed tears, spent days in hunger , tied rocks on his stomach. This was the pain and concern for the Jami at. And now the same jamiat has neglected the basics and focusing on themselves as individuals rather then as collective,  Are in the state of anticipation for Allah’s blessing. How we will get the blessings?

Fard Qaim Rabt-E-Millat Say Hai, Tanha Kuch Nahin
Moj Hai Darya Main, Aur Berun-E-Darya Kuch Nahin


Conclusion: “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall”




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