Sayings of Abdul Qadir Jillani “Ghaus-e-Azam”RA part-1

1- Anyone seeking the help of others besides ALLAH , Has failed to recognize the greatness of Allah SWT

2-Do not become the slave of your desires

3-Do not harbor the hopes of becoming wealthy

4-In speech and action always try and follow the example set by Rasool Allah (May peace be upon him & on his family)

5-A”SIDDIQ” is one who has the true love of Allah

6-Do not turn to the creation for assistance but ask for your needs only from ALLAH. Where circumstances make it necessary to approach one of the creations for some aid, then the first step is to fill one’s heart with the love of ALLAH, and ALLAH in turn would guide the individual towards his goal which may be achieved through the instrument of any creation through the Will of ALLAH. Thus the assistance is directly from ALLAH through the agency of HIS choice.


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