Why “The Vision”?

By the grace of Allah Subhana Watallah we are present in the times where we are witnessing or have witnessed some of the major eye opening events around the world which are either slowly or rapidly taking us back to the right path which we had left behind in the past and concentrated on worldly desires, But we are blessed that the Almighty Allah has given us another chance to revive as true Muslims and as one Ummah (Nation).Because if  we analyze the situation around the world which clearly tells us that there is something wrong we are moving in the wrong direction . Yes we pray, fast, give zakat some or all of us have performed the pilgrimage and have done the abolition from the veil of Hejaz, despite being the second largest population in the world but still we are suffering as if we are a handful. The pain is now too much for us to bear. We can’t wait any further someone has to step in therefore as a result! This Mission “The Vision” is just a small initiative from our end and if Allah willing will shake and awake the world one day (Inshallah) & If not the whole world then at least a couple of people surrounding us for sure.


“Dive into your Inner nature for a moment,

Become a man of truth don’t rely on mere conjecture” (Iqbal)


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