Balancing between zahir & batin is an another name for a successful life. (Bilqees farid) Mission Statement:

BISMI ALLAH:  In the name of Allah “the most beneficent and merciful “this is a humble attempt to awaken the minds and nurture the souls of the most blessed Ummat e Muslima, who alone has the opportunity to en light the world with the hidden treasures of love peace & tranquility.

Each of us is not only responsible for ourselves but also for everyone who is less blessed than us in any regard be it spiritual, moral or material, so let us revive our history find our real purpose of existence before it is too late.

May Allah Grant us to preach the truth and to unite us under one common flag of “la ila ha Ilallah Muhammad Ur Rasool Allah” once again Inshallah (Allah Willing)

Jazakallah Khair



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